Xiaomi Mi Max 3, with a 7-inch Screen Smartphone

At the moment you will soon find that the information is light. The problem is that Xiaomi always happens to make me tremble, like a kid on Christmas Eve (sometimes just with a simple photo 😉). It should therefore according to the first info, have a screen of 7 inches full-screen with a ratio 18:9. A great feat for the aesthetics a little bland of the first Mi Max.

Level autonomy, we can probably table on a large battery of 5500 mAh, instead of 4850 mAh of the first model. Certainly, it does not seem to be a drastic change yet.

The source is also considering the possibility of finding the perfect Snapdragon 660, as a processor. You can now visualize the gentleman's display autonomy, no!? For a reminder, I easily hold 4 days with my Mi Max and its Snap 652. The info also indicates that it would be possible to see two variants of the Mi Max 3. So we should see a version with the snap 660 and a lighter version, with the snap 630.

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For the photo, I had already been amazed by the Mi Max. Xiaomi would have opted for a double dorsal sensor, of which we still do not know the specifications at the moment. Currently, its still super light level specs, you'll just be like me and drool in front of the photos that besides, could match the Max Mi 3.

Xiaomi Mi Max 3, my opinion on the big critters
So our big guy should embark, a giant 7-inch screen for not much bigger in his hands. Necessarily, the full-screen will also be for many in history. Obviously, it can be really impressive to use for some but, as my philosophy teacher used to say...

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The size may seem huge, yet you will soon have only him in the hands. More seriously, when I discovered the first Max Mi of the name, it only took me 2/3 days to start making myself to the 6.44-inch monster. Now it really became my main companion. Its big screen, its autonomy and the taking of photos, there was really nothing for its small price. Regarding the Mi Max 3, I'm sure I'll get it, so the first one pleases me.

In short, Xiaomi is always a sure value to buy with closed eyes.


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