Transform Your Call Center for the Digital Age


Call centers are known to be confusing territories; often, each employee feels on his or her own as they try to navigate confusing platforms rife with technical issues and stone age features. Luckily, innovative inbound call center software is on the horizon. Quality programscan unite teams like never before, streamlining office procedures and increasing profits.

Eliminate Misdials

Your employees are human beings, not robots. If they’re required to manually enter a phone number, misdials will most likely happen. Intuitive call center software automatically directs calls to your agents and logs all their conversations, so they can easily call someone back with just a click of a button. Furthermore, the agents with the most successful track record can get most of the new calls, setting your company on a path to success. It is only natural you rely on the high performers to do most of the leg work; smart software does the thinking for you by performing small tasks that outdated software just can’t.

Seamless CRM Integration

Most call centers have a customer management tool where they record contact information, call histories, and preferences about products or services. Call center software solutions don’t disrupt this at all; rather, they integrate easily, pulling all the necessaryinformation so key names and phone numbersshow up easily on the screen. Employees don’t have to jump back and forth between two different programs. This conveniently frees up time and eliminates the potential for mistakes.

Keep an Eye on Your Team

All managers want to know how each employee is doing so they can reward them or provide feedback as necessary. Call logging and recording allows you to do just that. Call recording can be customized to include only calls from specific employees or a certain percentage of all calls. Agents can choose to stop recording at any time during a conversation, which is convenient if the customer isn’t comfortable. Managers can always tweak the features to record only the agent’s voice, and not the clients.

If necessary, team members can receive or place conference calls using a soft phone that is integrated into the software’s UI. Team members can communicate with each other through their desktop or phone without ever leaving their desk.

Reporting Made Easy

Of course, no manager can listen to all employees at the same time, which is why good inbound call center software can also include novel reporting features that go beyond standard recording. You can generate reports with graphs and stats that tell youhow much time an agent spent talking on a particular call, day or time period. Or, you can discover the total amount of calls that arrived, how many were abandoned and the average time in which they were answered.

Modernize Your Office

Your employees can start to love their work if they know it works in their favor. Cutting-edge inbound call center software eliminates the hassle, relieving the frustration for everyone involved. Nothing attracts more business than a satisfied workforce; call center software solutions is one small step you can take to meet your bottom line faster.


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