Tips for Choosing the Best TV for Your Digital Menu Board

Choosing the correct television set for your business is not always as easy as it looks. You will prefer a tv set that is compatible with the software you want to use, aesthetically pleasing, and one that will last for several years to come. For this reason, you need to widen your shop over one brand name. Digital menu television sets require specific features that allow proper functionality that will be covered below.

LCD vs. LED vs. Plasma: Display Menu Types

The guts used to develop the LCD and LED TVs are almost the same. Backlighting is the only difference between the two. LED employs the use of the light emitting diode. On the other hand, LCD TVs employ the use of the cathode florescent light. Click now for more information.

Which one is better for choice?

LED displays are most often a better choice for most. This is because such screens generate less heat, and use less power. Moreover, such screens are often thinner and lighter than the older brethren. Many different LED configurations, most of them ranging from local-dimming to the edge-lit displays, have differences that are technical o be covered in this piece. However, they can be ignored from making a choice. On the contrary, the LCD ones can be purchased due to their low cost of purchase. If you have LCD screens installed, don’t worry about upgrading to the use of LED screens.


For many manufacturers, the use of HD sign is often used variable to indicate any screen that has a resolution of over 1024×768. The 1080P and 720P resolution ratings are often intended to indicate the capability of a television play back content that was broadcasted sometime back. However, these names can be used to describe the physical resolution of screens. The actual resolution of a screen is measured by pixels (picture elements of the screen).

When you want to purchase a display that will be used with the broadcasted television, a 1080P or 1020P resolution is some of the best choices you can make because the content on the broadcast is often done in 720P. However, take advantage of the higher display resolution to show more content when looking for a display that drops down menu on board. The in-thing in the industry is the use of 1080P displays. You can lose the capability to display HD content using your screen while you can save more dollars purchasing the lesser value.

Refresh Rate

He refreshes rate is used to describe how fast the display method is used to redraw the data displayed on the screen. Modern companies and display units have the capability to redraw their display units with a speed of 30HZ to 240HZ. A lossless playback is allowed by the higher refresh rates.

Screen size can be based on:

  • How many items will be displayed
  • How large is the area to be displayed
  • How far is the menu from the customer

Measure the distance from the sea to the location of the TV to determine the size before purchasing the screen.

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