Quick Tips for Shipping Internationally


A significant portion of the e-commerce orders in the few years to come will be accounted for the cross-border online sales. This is according to the latest government business and export reports. For many small business owners interested in shipping packages internationally, having a clear understanding of the associated risks, guidelines, and rules associated is often imperative.

This past year the Australian publication Dynamic Business, reported that 20 percent of the total e-commerce purchases made in 2016 were accounted by the international shipments. Similarly, the Consulting Group in Boston suggested that the economy of the Internet will double by the end of 2016. This is because millions of users will commence shipping and shopping for products and services online from countries like Mexico, China, ad Brazil. Over 2 billion people are using the internet.

Given these facts, a significant business opportunity is presented to the business owners who want to sell their products online to overseas countries. Setting aside the website localization, international marketing, and dealing with many currencies, the actual work of packing a product in a box, placing a label on the box for the product, and sending it to remain unknown for the business owner. The following are tips to help these businesses get started with international shipping.

Understanding Country-Specific Requirements and Regulations

Importing foreign calendars in Vietnam is illegal. For this reason, it is a crime for United States businesses to send more than 100 calendars to their clients in this country. This is an example of thousands of regulations and laws in various countries in the world. For this reason, you can get a handy tool provided to you by UPS concerning some of these rules and regulations that govern how business is done internationally with other countries. International shipping will become easier with a good understanding of some of these regulations and laws.

Choose Products Wisely

Not everything sold by the small business owner is good for export to other parts of the world. For instance, a ranch and multi-channel farm in North America received a request from Canada. A horse trader wanted a couple of horse feeders. This retailer ships these products for only $140.00 within the United States alone. However, it will cost over $1500.00 to ship these products o Canada. Focus on the easy and light items to ship. Click on this link as a useful source.

Target Specific Countries

Given the regulations and rules outlined above, it is always imperative to learn about the international e-commerce trades by lowering your scale of focus to specific countries first. For instance, it is easier for small business owners looking to expand their international exports to countries like Mexico and Canada rather than shipping hem to a country like Uganda. Pick one to three nations and become an expert.

Know the Shipping Costs
There are shipping rates for shipping a t-shirt from one place in the country to another. A set of new duties and costs arise when you ship the same –shirt to another country over the border. Before sending an order, it is imperative to know the associated costs.


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