How financial services CRM helps companies to create competitive differentiation

Over the past 20 years, retail banking has grown very popular. Nowadays financial institutions focus on customer services, they want to serve high volumes of clients and offer them the possibility to make multiple types of transactions efficiently and quickly. They also strive to expand by providing their services online and via mobile devices. Their main purpose is to acquire a great number of customers because it seems that in the banking industry the quantity is the one that counts the most. But customers are interested to get the best services from the market, and a bank can face competition only if it uses a financial services CRM software. If a bank wants to lure customers, then its only chance is to offer quality services. The implementation of a CRM software will help financial organizations to improve the effectiveness of their internal processes, and they will be able to save time and money.

Why should financial institutions use CRM?

It is important for financial organizations to have close relationships with their clients because they need to bring on the market products designed to meet the particular life situations of their clients. They need to know what every one of their clients needs and wants in order to meet his/her expectations.

  • CRM helps companies create personalized experiences for their customers – when opting for a financial services CRM software as the one from, companies are able to keep their clients happy. Because of the fact that financial institutions manage their clients’ investments and assets, they should focus on offering reliable customer service.
  • Maximizing customer value – CRM for financial services offers enhanced marketing capabilities for users. Users will be able to target the individual needs of their clients, and to build the products according to customer requirements. In order to serve their customers, it is advisable for banks to continually improve their products to avoid problems arising.
  • Constant and rapid innovation – banks need financial services CRM because financial organizations are always changing and growing. Whether this means that they grow their employee base, expand into a new area or implement a new service, companies need to be able to meet the growing needs and adapt to them. With an effective CRM software, financial institutions are able stay up to date with innovations. CRM systems are created to help the users adapt to change.
  • Centralized information – CRM banking software manages to integrate processes, technology and people. The system designed for financial institutions offers users a holistic view of the customer details and banking relationships. All the gathered information is stored in a single database, and the users can access it whenever they need.
  • Improved Profitability – the financial institutions that use CRM benefit from the better management of internal processes, and this leads to an improved performance. Banks that choose not to implement CRM will deal with lesser profitability and in time, they will notice a decline in the number of clients.

Well-known CRM systems for financial organizations

There are several CRM solutions from which companies could choose, but it is advisable to opt for one with positive reviews if they want to get the best results.

  • Salesforce CRM Software

Salesforce is a provider of the CRM solution that helps financial institutions engage more customers and meet their needs and expectations. Salesforce provides different products on their website, and each of them is designed to serve companies from different industries. Salesforce is a system that can be used by various types of organizations, but its main focus is on sales and support. The vendor provides only cloud deployment option.

  • Bpm’online financial services

Bpm’online brings on the market a powerful CRM system that can be used by all financial organizations including retail and corporate banks. With its help, users will be able to manage the whole customer journey and provide an enhanced customer experience. The system is designed to manage customer requests and provide personalized approach to every customer. With bpm’online, the user will have a complete track of the interactions with a client, from the initial contact to the sale.

  • Infusionsoft CRM Software

Infusionsoft is a web-based CRM that can be used by small and midsize companies in order to improve the interactions with their customers and generate new leads. This system comes with advanced analytic tools that facilitate the generation of business insights. The user will make informed decisions according to the data received from the customers. This CRM software can be accessed from iOS and Android tablets and smartphones. This system features marketing and sales automation tools that help the users track opportunities and convert multiple leads in a short period of time. Infusionsoft offers the possibility to store and import contacts both offline and online. They will be all organized according to the user’s preference. The system will automatically register every interaction with the clients and generate messages for various customer segments according to their level of engagement.

These are only some of the most well-known CRM solutions available on the market; according to their specific needs, financial institutions can choose other ones that better match their requirements.

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