Best Android Apps to Keep you Anonymous

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Are you the one who is concerned about your privacy for surfing the internet anonymously or Maybe you want to run any blocked site in your area. But have you ever thought that How you can do this? Well, there are so many ways to surf the Internet anonymously on a Smartphone device. The most famous and easy ones are using VPN’s or TOR browsers. In this article, I have mentioned Best Android Apps to keep you anonymous. This list contains few best VPNs and TOR browsers too.

VPN’s stands for Virtual Private Network and uses for creating secure network connection over your public network connection. Even we can say that It helps in hiding our real address and provide a fake address so no one can locate you. Apart of It, TOR is a browser which makes a lot of IP’s layer so no one can trace you. A Combination of VPN and TOR browser is a deadly combination for surfing the Internet anonymously, It just becomes impossible to locate your original address. That is call the best anon VPN provider.

Best Android Apps to Keep you Anonymous

  1. Express VPN

This is one of the best VPN Service available for Android users. It provides more than 100 Location to choose around the world. The great part of this VPN is, It just doesn’t store any of your log data or Any browsing history and Also it provides a 24/7 Customer support.

Express VPN is free for 24 hours and After that It charges $13 per month. You can save money on its Half annually or Annual purchases. All of its plans come with a 30-Day Money back guarantee.

  1. TunnelBear VPN

TunnelBear is the best and Famous VPN among iOS, Windows and Android User. The Reason is, it provides a free 500 MB Data every month so you can use it for free. It just has servers in 15 Countries, which means you don’t have so many choices to change your location, But It promises to never ever track you online ensures It’s security.(Even the main reason for choosing TunnelBear VPN is its security.)

TunnelBear VPN charges $10 per month and $50 per year. The Best part of its premium plan is, you can use it on 5 Devices at the same moment. 😉

  1. Orwall

Orwall works as Firewall on your smartphone. It makes a wall of TOR Network and forces All of your smartphone application to run through that TOR Network wall. The best part is that none of the apps can communicate without using this wall. Which means else they use TOR Network wall, Or they just can’t connect at all.

Orwall requires Root Access, Which means your device must be rooted to use this but It is not so hard to Root an Android Device.

  1. OrWeb

Orweb is a Private TOR Browser(Just Like other browsers) which helps you to access the Internet Anonymously. This is the most private mobile browser available for Android Smartphones. Orweb is made for accessing the Internet Anonymously and Configured for keeping your data private. Like other TOR Browsers, It also comes with so many hidden features that you can use.

You can simply download this browser from play store and use it. This is going to be the Best Choice to Access Internet Anonymously.


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