How Guest Posting Can Help Grow Your Audience Online

If you ask around about the prospect of guest posting to build authority and grow an audience, you may get a mixed bag of responses, from Google devotees who insist that guest posting is a thing of the past to those who claim to have grown their following exponentially through guest posting. In truth, the average blogger is likely to land somewhere in the middle of these two extremes.

When used appropriately, guest posting can be a valuable tool in your online arsenal, helping you to increase visibility and online presence and grow your audience in a variety of ways. With a proper guide to guest blogging, you can learn how to find quality blogs for backlinks, build relationships with blog owners, and push the compelling content that’s going to earn you followers.

For the moment, though, let’s just talk about what you stand to gain. When you understand the benefits you could garner through guest posting, you’ll realize it’s well worth adding the activity to your online marketing strategy.


The most obvious advantage to be gained from guest posting is simple exposure to an audience that might otherwise be unaware of your existence. When you post content with other industry blogs, you gain access to an already cultivated audience that is probably interested in what you have to offer. In other words, it’s your target audience.

You have the greatest opportunity to impress this audience because they are already predisposed to appreciate the content provided by the blog you’re posting on. This doesn’t mean you can phone it in, or course. You still need to create relevant, engaging content that’s going to convince readers to interact with you (through comments or clicking the link in your bio to find out more, for example).

You may also be interested in future guest posting opportunities, and good reader response will help to convince blog owners to feature further content moving forward, increasing your chances to engage with audience members.

Search Rankings

Whoever said guest posting is dead (ahem, Matt Cutts) was dead wrong. While it’s true that spammy, low-quality practices of old aren’t likely to gain much traction these days, the truth is that search engines still rely heavily on backlinks (and quality backlinks, in particular) as part of their ranking algorithms.

It’s simply a matter of quality over quantity. You want to curate a network of backlinks that come from high-quality sources, including industry blogs that are already highly ranked in their own right. This, in turn, can help to boost your rankings.


The ultimate goal of most online strategies is to increase traffic and other conversions, and guest posting can encourage this through both exposure to an audience and increased rankings with search engines. Once you get people in the door, you’ll have to find other ways to convince them to join your audience, but getting them to visit your site is the first step.


When you build relationships with community bloggers, you gain opportunities for promotion. By providing stellar content and impressing a blog’s audience, you can earn respect, build authority, and perhaps garner additional promotion from the blog owners you work with, further increasing your reach and your audience.

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